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Extra Tutorials

This section doesn't strictly cover HTML or CSS like the others. Instead, this section is written for more opinion, technical, or design-focused topics, things more general to being a webmaster than being a web designer. This section is also dedicated to tools that make your job as you're building much easier, like markup validators and filler text and sitemap generators.

(This section is currently a work-in-progress—stay tuned!)

Tutorial Description
Validation Clean, fast sites make for happy maintainers and happy users. Validators are important for checking your work.
Directory Indexes (and Cleaner URLs) A fun quirk of web server software allows much cleaner looking URLs simply by naming your page index.html.
Increasing Readability If you have a static site, you're likely serving mostly text, and browser default text styles aren't exactly easy to read. Here's some ways to make your text look a little more inviting.
Codecs and Containers The big complication to HTML5 audio and video support is that not all browsers support the same formats, nor in the same way.
Filler Text (Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet...) Filler text generators are an excellent tool for filling out a layout while you're trying to build it.
Favicons and App Icons Those little pictures on each browser tab are incredibly easy to generate and add to your own site.
.htaccess If you're using Apache (or your provider's using Apache), you can take advantage of a special configuration file to optimize, speed up, and safeguard your site.