A Message From Tesserae

When I started work on Tesserae late last year, I wrote it making a ton of assumptions about prior knowledge and skipped over things I should've explained better. It's a good draft at the moment—but that's all it is. Now that I have two people in Somnolescent trying to actually use it to learn HTML fundamentals, I've become very, very aware of its shortcomings.

In short, the site's getting an overhaul. The more abstract, advanced stuff (assuming you already know the basics) is mostly still good, but the basics need a lot of tweaking, rewriting, and sorting. At the moment, I'm occupied with my other projects, but I'd like to get back to Tesserae relatively soon.

Tesserae, like most reference sites, is a perpetual work-in-progress, and I want it to be as good as it can possibly be. This means reading through other tutorials seeing how they're written, sharpening my own skills (CSS3 animations are now in my toolbox), and figuring out the best way to get these concepts across.

My goal with Tesserae is still the same as it ever was: to bridge the gap between a Lissa Explains or a W3Schools (easy to follow but outdated and terse) and proper web documentation like Mozilla Web Docs or W3's own specs (thorough and correct, but technical). I haven't a seen a site that does this quite well enough, and I'm hoping attempt two of Tesserae works out a bit better.

I don't wanna make too many promises, but I can already tell you several things are coming:

If you're brave, you can still browse Tesserae through this link. I haven't moved a thing and won't until the overhaul is done. There's a lot to be done, but I think it's worth it. Hopefully, you do too.