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Before You Begin

Welcome to Tesserae! This site's been written as the bridge between an HTML primer and a proper reference site, to give you the simple, straightforward information you need to know to build a website.

If you have no clue where to start, this section walks you through assembling a toolkit, file types to look out for, and how best to use what Tesserae has to offer.

Tutorial Description
Intro to Web Development Making a website is incredibly rewarding, if a little strange at first. Tesserae is here to help.
Text Editors A website is written in a program known as a text editor. Here's what to look out for in one.
Web Browsers The apps you use to look at web pages are called web browsers, and the differences between them are important if you're making sites.
Common File Formats A brief rundown of some of the files and formats you should expect to run into as you build your site.
How Best to Use Tesserae Tesserae is written in a specific way to introduce concepts to you. Here's what you'll find on each page and how best to approach it.