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Tesserae's the work of one guy (mariteaux) who doesn't much care for a lot of the "web design help" sites out there. Thus, I made my own. I'm still learning a lot myself, but I think what I've got is pretty useful.

Nevertheless, if you find something you want to bring to my attention, or you just wanna get in touch, suggest stuff, whatever it is, you can reach me at tesserae@somnolescent.net.

If you'd like to see what I've got planned for the future, I have a Trello board open you can peek at as well.


I'd like to thank the following people who encouraged, checked, and made Tesserae all the better:

  • Angelos Chalaris for writing mini.css, which has made building this site to spec infinitely easier
  • The highlight.js project for the syntax highlighting script Tesserae uses
  • dotcomboom for suggestions and for the invaluable AutoSite, of course
  • My beta readers, mon and borb for letting me know how clear and readable my writing is
  • And of course, my Caby for all her love and hype